Dr. Bodo Antonić was born as a German-Austrian-Croatian Persian into a culture of a change of perspective. As restructuring Interimsmanager, recognized speaker and advisor it made it it’s duty to open the view far beyond the economical edge of plate.

„We humans have creative power. We do not need to control our future, because we change it again and again“ Bodo Antonić is deeply convinced of this.

Exactly therefore it pleads passionately for an unleashing of creativity by dismantling redundant rules of the game. Exactly therefore he pleads passionately for an unleashing of creativity by dismantling redundant rules of the game. Away with paralyzing internal firm bureaucracy, which keeps humans from their core activities and away from playful work.

Towards rules of the game that have real relevance for employees and customers and whose number and quality are not oriented towards the maximum possible, but towards the minimum necessary.


The successful manager Bodo Antonić studied chemistry, physics as well as business administration and received his PhD as Dr. rer. nat. As interim manager he is called when things get hot in the company and transformation becomes concrete. Bodo Antonić enthusiastically contributes to the unleashing of organizations by showing outdated structures, obstructive dogmas and superfluous rules of the game and, if necessary, eliminating them completely.


His credo is: „Against the cement in the head – no fear to change“. Beside his research and work as a manager, the passionate apnea diver and owner of a marketing & sales consultancy holds a teaching position in business management, sales management and innovation management.


As stirring speaker the allrounder Bodo Antonić shows innovative ways how to uncover dogmas – and how to unleash and modify the possibilities of one’s enterprise by purposeful removing of rules.

Eloquent and convincing, the scientist and manager insists on allowing the idea of how traditional structures can also hold back a company. Because opportunities for creativity and free thinking create a working environment in which people like to play their part in the success of the entrepreneurial plant. Bodo Antonić is convinced that solutions can only be found in the creative thinking process.

The passionate thinker Dr. Bodo Antonić has already experienced several dogma traps in companies as an interim manager. Based on concrete examples, the straightforward speaker takes the participants with him on a viable path to freeing them from unnecessary shackles. Then increased creativity becomes possible: a necessary authority, which makes companies innovation-ready and future-proof only.

Experience the „escape artist“ in his eloquent lectures! Please expect: clear positions, rhetorical rapid fire, inspiring performance!


Perfect for you as a keynote speaker is Dr. Bodo Antonić, if…

… you are ready for a passionate plea for unleashing and freedom of thought.

… for you, freedom and strict rules of the game should no longer be contradictory, but in a flexible balance.

… you want to be inspired by a competent, spirited speaker for real innovation.


In his lectures Bodo Antonić  speaks among individual themes to the following topics:

  • Freedom – the driving force of the future? Why we have to be grown up and still be able to create value and remain responsible with childlike creativity.

  • The unleashed organization – Dogmas prevent (R)Evolution Why we often equate the future with fear and how we, through the unleashing of our creativity, can again be free and productive in our lives.

  • Leading in turbulent times: The art of not losing the successful management of a company even in stormy times and what this has to do with ships.