Philipp on Global Expedition – Digital Summer of 19


Digital technologies disrupt industries, economies and societies. The change is complex, the pace is breathtaking and the areas of progress are diverse. And so are the people and organizations driving that revolution. For sure they are shaping how we live, work, trade – and how we create our global future.

What are those innovators visions? What is their success secret? Why is it especially them, being the leader in their field? And overall: What can we learn from each other?

The expedition

In the search for answers digital expert, author and consultant Philipp Riederle goes on a global expedition. On his travel list: states, organizations, companies, leaders, scientists and the brightest minds, which are shaping technological revolutions. His aim: Learning from each other, networking and start incooperations. As one of Germanys leading digital experts he knows: „This transformation is global!“

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