Leonie Mueller

Foto: Gaby Gerster

Leonie Müller is always on the go. Maybe you have already met her – in the Intercity Express train to Berlin, in a regional train to Stuttgart or eating in the dining car between Hamburg and the rest of Germany. In May 2015, the student started a fascinating experiment: To be home in the trains of the german railway company Deutsche Bahn. To do so, she exchanged her small Stuttgart student flat for the BahnCard 100, a discount card which allows her to board any german train by paying a fixed amount each month, less than her small flat, allowing her to drive to university, travel the country and visit friends’ and familys’ places, usually spending the night there. Causing international reporting on her unusual lifestyle, she dedicated her bachelor thesis to analyzing the interest of people and the media from over 50 countries. Additionally she wrote down her various experiences in her 2018 book Tausche Wohnung gegen BahnCard (Exchanging my flat for the BahnCard, S. Fischer).


Leonies self-experiment shows how free we have become through the opportunities of digitalization. It has never been so simple to reimagine and use mobility as a tool for new structures of our private and working life instead as the usual necessary evil. To learn, to work, to stay in contact with friends and family works perfectly fine from a cosy, fast and safe train – so fine, the she continues to be on the rail most of the times for over 3 and a half years now.


„The mobility of the future can only be created successfully, when we understand it as a whole: As the movement and connection of humans, ideas, data and goods. We have to combine them in a new and intelligent way.“x



When the digital nomad, as she has been titled by the WELT newspaper, talks about her experiences and observations, she radiates a spirit of adventure and wanderlust. Why not work in a moving office facing wonderful landscapes and visit the ocean at the end of your work day, when you started working 700 kilometers away? Life and work, routines and creativity aren’t meant to take place between four walls.

Despite or maybe because of her young age, Leonie Müller has realized just how important it is to use mobility as a tool to create new ways and structures of working. Mobility has a huge impact on our everyday lives, our identity and our reality. To understand the Generation Y entering the job market, to understand how to integrate them into the company and how to give them the necessary freedom, which is so important for the individuals as well as all companies, we have to break old habits and navigate to new opportunities. While doing so, the sympathetic speaker excites her audience with her young, fresh and innovative way of thinking, evokes crazy and yet functioning ideas and shows paths for the young and older generations to work and create together successfully. 



Experience a talk by Leonie Müller on the following main topics:


  • New Work? Reflection, rebellion, revolution! The core of our working life is mobility: The movement and connection of humans, ideas, data and goods. But #NewWork and #NewMobility are not just symptoms of our time – together they offer us the chance to reorganize ourselves as individuals, companies and as society. They can help us to make our everyday working lives more human – if we dare to merge the ingredients of our routines in a new way.


  • The rediscovery of mobility: An underestimated phenomenon: A multilocal lifestyle is the answer to expectations of society and oneself and the source of new opportunities in the job market – for employers as well as employees.


  • Work in the 21st Century: Welcome to the future – How the Generation Y is breaking up old habits and routines and using the opportunities of mobile (net)working.


  • Life 2.0: Our multilocal life: Living and working wherever you want. A modern answer to the question of and the division between home and adventure.